Xenia Cities

Project Objectives

Our client a leading Tour operator in India which handles the tourism needs of international tourists wanted to build an application to build an itinerary, manage vendor vouchers, Cost Estimation and invoicing.

The client wants to build itineraries for their customers once the enquiry is received which includes sightseeing, transfer to different locations, hotel stays, guides and etc. Based on the itinerary the cost is calculated and communicated to customer along with a visual representation of itinerary.

Once the tourist confirms it move the enquiry moves to operation status and other services such as various creation gets activated.

Once the Tour is completed Invoices are generated.

Quick Facts

5 Months
Team Size
Agile Scrum
NodeJS, Angular 6,Ionic ,MySql
Functional Area
Hospitality, Tour management

Sulopa’s Solutions

  • Sulopa created the solution architecture, UX designs and system blueprint after careful study of the requirement during the discovery phase.
  • Built a strong RBAC framework for controlling who does what.
  • Editing and Auto adjusting the itinerary and notification in the event of any change in the plan.
  • An audit mechanism along with reporting module is developed to monitor and control the operation of the tour.
  • Test team is deployed to test the functional and Non-functional requirement of the project


Automate process to respond to the enquiries with Quote

Control over the operation from one place.

One Application to handle all aspect of the tour