Full-service Design & Development

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver engaging digital Solitions

Full-service Design & Development

Technology gave big and small businesses worldwide the opportunity to expand their customer base

WebApp Development

Being digital is no more limited to having a website. Your business need to have a WebApp which acts like a portal to interact, engage with customer and employees. We develop WebApps to make your business truly digital. Be it e-Com or SaaS product or process automation; we do it. Our experienced architects uses modern architectures to ensure you are technologically ahead of your peers. Our technology stack includes but not limited to Python, nodeJs, Angular in AWS / Azure / Google cloud infrastructure. Not only modern technologies, we also adopt some of the best methodologies to deliver.Please reach out to us for more details, we are just a form away.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

With latest Ionic Framework hybrid mobile apps can be built for both iOS and Android. This significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and time to market. The icing on the cake is our years of experience in Ionic framework and our proprietary accelerators which make it faster to the market. To learn more we must talk.

Cloud Native Application

With the recent advancement in the cloud offerings from major vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google it is no more only VMs in the cloud. We strongly advocate our clients to leverage these offerings to bring agility, scalability, and maintainability to the application. We are not only evangelist of being cloud native we made it reality for many of our clients. Some of our clients even gone completely serverless. If being serverless and completely could native sound interesting, then we must talk. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Cognitive Solutions

Softwares evolved from automating mundane activities. In the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence software are cognizant enough to do some of the mission critical activities. Some of our engineers have built state of the art chatbots and predictive analytics engines focused on hospitality industry. The same framework can be extended to other industries as well. If you have a use case then we must talk. For now this will be a human talking from Sulopa side.

Testing as a Service

Despite preaching in all the software development methodologies; testing is one of the undervalued areas in the software industry. At Sulopa we take testing very seriously. While we have dedicated testing teams for all our Development and Support projects, we also help various clients to test the applications which are built by them. We follow a very methodical and progressive approach which starts from the preparation of test plan and move up to complete automation of testing. If you believe that you need a quality check, will be more than happy to help. Let’s talk.

Support and Enhancements

The fun begins when the rubber meets the road. Post-go-live, providing world-class support is as critical as developing the application. Supporting the application is not limited to application monitoring and controlling. There are always enhancements which must be factored in. We adopt some of the industry’s best methodologies to ensure the application remains successful year after year. To know how we can support and be your anchor partner in the Digital journey; please drop us a note.

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