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Our Process

Our Process

Cloud Native Application

With the recent advancement in the cloud offerings from major vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google it is no more only VMs in the cloud. We strongly advocate our clients to leverage these offerings to bring agility, scalability, and maintainability to the application. We are not the only evangelist of being cloud-native we made it a reality for many of our clients. Some of our clients even gone completely serverless. If being serverless and completely could native sound interesting, then we must talk. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Mobile Apps

Cognitive Solutions

Softwares evolved from automating mundane activities. In the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence software are cognizant enough to do some of the mission-critical activities. Some of our engineers have built state of the art chatbots and predictive analytics engines focused on the hospitality industry. The same framework can be extended to other industries as well. If you have a use case then we must talk. For now, this will be a human talking from Sulopa side.


It is a Visual Menu for everyone, One stop solution for all restaurants. End to end restaurant management system which helps you manage and Increase your revenue for sure. See our products

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